We are currently closed until further notice by the state to curtail the spread of CO-VID 19. Love and health to all of you. We will see you soon!

Abundance Yoga is making yoga accessible for all body shapes, sizes and physicality.  We teach pose variations and offer options to find what feels right for you and the opportunity to skip anything that doesn’t.  We offer education and the space to own your practice.  We’re building a community based on loving yourself and accepting where you are today, knowing that it will change.  We honor that we all have different needs and experiences and offer compassion to help you find the practice that fits you. 

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From very active Ashtanga and Vinyasa classes to Gentle and Restorative, we even have Kids & Family class! There is something for everyone.

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Private lessons

We offer one on one or small group instruction in Yoga and Pilates for anyone with specific needs better met in a private setting.

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From a fun night with friends to finding your own yoga practice, we offer open workshops and private events to complement your life and connect you with the community.


Check out our schedule on MindBody for changes that may occur 

4:30 pm         60 min       Nikki                 Heated 26
5:45 pm         60 min       Emily                Ashtanga 
7:00 pm         60 min       Nancy             Fat Girl Yoga          
12:00 pm       75 min       Caron           Gentle Yoga 
4:30 pm         60 min       Kourtney       Vinyasa Flow  
6:00 pm         60 min       Emily             Slow Vinyasa Flow                                     
9:00 am        60 min        Gayle            Mat Pilates                
4:30 pm        60 min        Sarah            Beginner Yoga                                        
5:45 pm        60 min        Kourtney       Guided Meditation        
7:00 pm        60 min        Nancy          Yin/Restorative
12:00 pm      60 min        Chloe           Vinyasa Flow 
4:45 pm        60 min        Gayle           Pilates - Level 1
6:15 pm        75  min       Sam             Ashtanga 
9:00 am        60 min      Nancy         Beginner Yoga
10:30 am      60 min      Nancy         Restorative 
12:00 pm      60 min      Nancy         Fat Girl Yoga  
6:30 am        60 min      Various              Kundalini Yoga
8:00 am        75 min      Various             Ashtanga
10:00 am      75 min      Caron            Gentle Yoga
12:00 pm      75 min      Kourtney           Slow Vinyasa                              
3:00 pm        60 min      Chloe           Slow Vinyasa Flow
7:00 pm        75 min      Gaije            Yin Yoga



Drop-in and Class packs

1st Class for NEW STUDENTS $10

Single Class Drop In Rate – $15

5 Class Package – $65


We are currently closed until further notice from the State due to limited gathering requirements of the spread of CO-VID 19

Abundance Yoga

5361 US-280, Suite 106A Birmingham, AL 35242

Abundance Yoga Studio is located in The Bazaar 280 Center Between Walmart and Chick-Fil-A just west of Hwy 119.  We are in the center next to Buff City Soap! 



Mindfulness practices when arriving and leaving:
Be aware of your scent and how it might affect others
Be aware of your space & the attitude/distractions that you bring
Be prepared to disconnect
Be still in savasana
Enter quietly or be on time
Put borrowed items neatly back where you found them to respect the community, the studio is a space for the community.