Current Events


Intro to Yin Yoga 4-week series with Gaije Gordon, Mondays 5:45-6:45pm February 26th – March 19th

Gaije Gordon fell in love with yin yoga because of how it made her feel. However anxious or stressed she might have been feeling when she walked into class, by the time she walked out an hour later, she felt lighter, more open, and just all around better. Yin is such a simple practice. You find your way into a pose, and stay there for 3-5 minutes. That’s all, that’s it. No photo-op balancing poses, or balletic vinyasa flows. Just you, your body and breath, moving in and out of stillness, from one pose to the next. As Gaije’s practice grew, she found herself wondering how something so simple could have such a profound effect on her. Why did she always feel so good after a yin class?

This four week series came out of that curiosity. You will have the opportunity to learn the science of yin, its benefits to your cells and tissues, from your brain to your bones, while experiencing them first hand in your own practice. Each week, Gaije hopes, will find you feeling better as you leave the studio than you did on your way in.  Series is $45 for 4 weeks or students may use class passes.


Discovering the Eight Limb Path with Lindsay Giadrosich,                                                                                Saturday March 3rd, 2-5pm

Join Lindsay for a practice deepening workshop focused on discovering the fundamentals and essentials of yoga. We will review the eight limb path of yoga and discuss how we can apply this philosophy to our practice and daily life. We will explore the breath and find ways to deepen our own practice whether at home or in a public class. We will also discover ways to incorporate the breath techniques both on and off the mat. This workshop will culminate with a yoga practice applying the learned skills.  Investment is $35.