Current Events

Beginning Hoop Dance with Robbie Lewis, Mondays 8:30am, April 9th – April 30th 

Looking for a new way to move? Have you ever wanted to hula hoop but have been unsuccessful? Or have you always loved feeling like a kid inside a hula hoop? Join Robbie Lewis with Hoop for Fitness for a 4-week Hoop Dance series that will get you spinning. Learn on and off-body moves using the size and weight fitness hoop that is designed specifically for you. Build coordination, flexibility, balance, and personality! Hoops are provided for class and are available for purchase. Mondays 8:30-9:30am. Space is limited so pre-registration is required.  Investment is $52 for 4 week series or $15 for single drop-in.


Yoga Anatomy 4 Week series with Andrew Burrow, Sundays 1pm, April 15th- May 6th

Are you ready to take your vinyasa practice to the next level? Each session of this four-part workshop will focus on a key area of the body. Each class will begin with a brief introduction, followed by a focused practice, then end with a question and answer session. Beginners are welcome and modifications will be provided.

Week 1 – The Core
Week 2 – The Lower Body
Week 3 – The Upper Body
Week 4 – The Whole Body

Investment for 4 week series is $90. Drop-in for single workshop is $30.


Exploring the Eight Limbs of Yoga with Nancy Rhodes, Mondays 5:45-6:45pm, May 7th – May 28th 

Classical yoga teaches more than the practice of breath, movement and relaxation. These are just a portion of the eight limbs of yoga on the path to union and wholeness. Come explore the philosophy of yoga for a deeper understanding of how you can incorporate this practice into your everyday life on and off the mat. This is a 4 week series including practice and discussion, perfect for beginners or anyone that wants a deeper understanding of yogic philosophy.  Investment for 4 week series is $50.  Drop-in at $15 per class is available is series is not full.


Celebrating with Self-Care with Nancy Rhodes and Cherie Calvert, Saturday May 12th, 2-4pm

This very special workshop is for women to celebrate their nurturing nature. We spend so much of our energy caring for others that we often forget to slow down and take time for ourselves. Join us for this 2 hour workshop that will begin with setting our intention, celebrating our body through movement, finding relaxation, and ending with a sensory meditation and time for journaling. Refreshments will be provided. Investment is $30.


Yoga for All: Asana, Self-Acceptance and Empowerment Weekend with Dianne Bondy, May 18th – 20th 

We will begin our weekend with a special Master class practice with Dianne, open to all levels of experience and physicality and progress through 4 workshop segments for a truly empowering weekend of learning and practice.


❖ Yoga Body Image & YOU: How to create cultural shift. An intro to yoga, diversity and body image
❖ Principles and foundations for creating body positive and accessible yoga spaces
❖ Autonomy and consent
❖ How to use inclusive and body positive language in your classes
❖ Warm ups
❖ Setting up your classroom
❖ Sun Salutes and other considerations
❖ Take Action: asana breakdowns, modifications and variations
❖ Changing the way we structure classes
❖ Thinking outside the props

The Art and Science of Asana for All
The literal definition of asana is “the seat”. So come and take a seat of power in your own practice! Dianne invites you to participate in unique asana variations and unconventional models of practice that focus on safe and accessible self-expression.

Customize Your Practice /Asana Research Lab
Let’s figure this out together. Asana looks and feels different in all bodies. How do we customize our practice to fit our bodies. Explore yoga for all levels, shapes, and sizes, as an expression of life and joy. We will be working in a non-competitive environment so that this practice will be brave and supportive. Learn how to listen to your body and connect with your inner strength while exploring the path to self-acceptance. Bring your curiosity, ideas and your pose and together let’s create a fun and affirming asana practice. Let’s learn together.

The Body Politic: Yoga, Body Image and YOU #thisiswhatayogilookslike This is what the yoga practice teaches us. Together we rise, and together we create positive change. Explore a conversation around body positivity, body image and yoga. The power to serve a diverse and inclusive community starts social change as it relates to the tenets of yoga. You are invited to experience the connection between body image, equality and equity and the power of the yoga practice as a vehicle for shifting consciousness. In a lively, open-forum discussion, we will explore the impacts of our conditioning on the injustice and inequality experienced in our local communities. Examine what is holding you back personally and collectively, and uncover the strategies and tools you need to break through the societal norms and divisions that block us

The Path to Empowerment (how do figure who you are and how you can serve)
Join Dianne Bondy in an accessible yoga practice designed to help you safely explore the themes of self-acceptance and compassion towards the self and others. This unique practice of ongoing and collaborative learning integrates asana, journaling and open-dialogue discussions centered on the philosophy of yoga as it relates to equanimity and unity. Explore asana, breath, and the mind-body connection in a way that illuminates your strength and creativity. Let’s explore our values and how we show up in the world. Come and enjoy the unique experience of standing in your power as you connect with your inner light!

This weekend offers 12 CEUs through the Yoga Alliance for Registered Yoga Teachers.  Friday Master Class only is $50 Investment.  Individual segments are $100.  Full weekend Investment is $300. Scholarships offered by Sweet Om Alabama for interested Birmingham Area yoga teachers with financial need are available.  Please contact the studio for further information.


Intro to Hot Yoga with Nikki Cosper, Mondays 5:45-6:45pm, June 4th – June 25th  



Special Summer Series Classes for Kids and Family

June 4th – June 8th

10-11am – Mother and Daughter Belly Dance with Cherie Calvert

June 11th – June 14th

10-11am – Teen Yoga with Nikki Cosper

1-2pm – Kids Meditation with Chloe LaFollette

June 18th – June 21st

1-2pm – Teen Meditation with Chloe LaFollette

June 25th – June 28th

10-11am – Mandalas, Mindfulness and Movement with Ashley McDuff

2-3pm – Creative Movement for Pre-Schoolers with Katy Stanfield

July 9th – July 12th

9:30-11:30am – Hula Hoop Dance and Craft Camp with Robbie Lewis

July 16th – July 19th

9:30-11:30am – Hula Hoop Dance and Craft Camp with Robbie Lewis