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Our teachers are all Yoga Alliance Certified Registered Yoga Teachers  (RYT-200 hour) or higher

Abundance_Yoga Nancy

Nancy Rhodes

Owner & Instructor

Nancy began yoga on a weight loss and fitness journey after years of obesity. It was not what she expected, but she found a calm acceptance that she hadn’t felt in years AND she could almost touch her toes! Nancy has been practicing since 2009 and teaching since 2012. Her passion is helping all people feel welcome in the yoga community and find the practice that supports their life. Nancy is 200 hr E-RYT certified in Ashtanga yoga and YACEP certified yoga educator.  Nancy holds certifications in Chair, Restorative, Yoga for Sensory Disorders, and Curvy Yoga. Nancy is trained in Yoga for Children, Kundalini, Prenatal, and Yin Yoga. Nancy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in the Science of Health and Wellness and is a National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association certified Wellness Coach.


Katy Stanfield


Originally from Memphis, TN, Katy was introduced to yoga at a young age by taking classes with her mother. Katy spent 10 years as a professional ballet dancer working and performing with several companies around the United States. Ballet eventually brought Katy to Chicago, IL and Elate Yoga where she followed in her mom’s footsteps and completed her 200-hour yoga certification through YogaFit.  Katy began teaching with Elate Yoga when she realized how much yoga helped repair her body both physically and emotionally after many years of ballet. Katy's love of dance is reflected in her Vinyasa flow style of classes. She invites her students to listen to their bodies and explore yoga postures in a safe and fun environment.


Nikki Cosper

Ashtanga & Kundalini

A California native, Nikki grew up in the horse world, riding, training hunter/jumpers and dressage.  A  middle school science teacher, Nikki found her way to the yoga community in search of a  way to relieve stress.  She fell in love with mental and physical challenge she found in Ashtanga. After developing her own practice, Nikki attended Birmingham Yoga’s Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 focusing on Ashtanga and Kundalini yoga.  Now certified, her mission is to encourage others to develop a personal relationship with yoga, and find their own expression and joy in it as she did.

Abundance_Yoga Robyn

Robyn Knight-Robinett


Originally from Massachusetts, Robyn moved to Alabama in 2010 with her husband. Robyn works as a pediatric nurse practitioner and has always loved being active, especially in group fitness. Four years ago she discovered the PiYo home program on her postpartum fitness journey and fell in love. She could not find any local classes so she decided to get certified and teach it to share the love with others. Robyn teaches a mix of different active fitness classes.  She loves to incorporate music, fun and her light-hearted personality in every class.  If you're looking for a sweaty good time, come see Robyn!

love and light



Abundance_Yoga Darlene

Darlene Waters


Darlene's exploration of yoga began in 1989 as she pursued a tool to become a better and more patient parent.  What Darlene soon realized was this art was a path to healing and discovery. A fine arts painter and martial artist, Darlene began learning about subtle energies in humans and nature, self-examination and esoteric practices.  She opened her own practice in 1993 to support her students in their spiritual journey.  Darlene has traveled extensively for 3 decades immersing herself in intense training and is now offering her expertise at Abundance Yoga.  Whether you want to simply distress or delve deeper into your meditation journey, Darlene can assist you in your practice.  She is greatly blessed to be able to serve the community and offer this beautiful and transformative practice.

Abundance_Yoga Sarah

Sarah Stoves


Sarah grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area where she developed a foundation in martial arts, distance running, and swimming. Her introduction to yoga came nearly a decade ago, but she truly connected to her own practice in 2016.  After years of relocating and seeking how to mend her mind-body connection, compromised by inner discord with negative body image and persistent anxiety, Sarah’s home yoga practice steadily became her safe space to realize self-acceptance. She wholeheartedly respects the individuality of each student through her intuitive approach and flows that accommodate all skills and age groups. Sarah has an affinity for cats, anagrams, and strategy games.

Abundance_Yoga Ashley

Ashley Fisk


Ashley visited her first yoga class in 2011, and has been practicing Ashtanga faithfully since 2014. She believes that yoga is a powerful tool that when used appropriately can help the practitioner move towards a sense of wholeness not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. Being dedicated to the Ashtanga method, she holds classes that adhere to it. Ashley completed her 200 hour teacher training program given by Akasha Ellis at Birmingham Yoga in 2017.
"Yoga affords a practical experience of what you could otherwise only read about in books." - Sharath Jois
Abundance_Yoga Andrew (2)

Andrew Burrow


Andrew leads vinyasa flow practices that are practical, down-to-earth, and anatomy-based. His mantra is “focusing on a safe, sustainable, and life-long yoga practice for all.” Andrew found his way to yoga in recovery from a professional ballet dancing injury. At first, he found value only in the asanas (postures). In time, however, he discovered the non-physical ways that yoga can change and heal. Now Andrew leads and encourages others on their yogic journeys. People are his passion and he regularly leads practices, workshops, and private sessions with practitioners of all ages across Birmingham. More information about Andrew can be found at www.andrewburrowyoga.com.
love and light


Abundance_Yoga Sam

Sam Shouse

Ashtanga & Kundalini

Sam discovered yoga in 2005 as a way to promote physical and spiritual balance but the practice took on a new sense of urgency after a serious skydiving accident. Yoga soon became a way of life and Sam completed his RYT-200 certification (Yoga Alliance) in 2009 under Akasha Ellis.  With over 1,000 hours of teaching experience, Sam is now E-RYT200 certified as a Yoga educator. He incorporates elements of Ashtanga, Kundalini, and Vinyasa Flow Yoga into his teaching through rhythmic breathing and coordination with challenging postures in a flowing style.  Sam strongly feels that consistent practice develops a meditative awareness of the mind/body connection and he hopes to help others explore this intensely physical practice and lead healthier, happier, and holier lives.

Abundance_Yoga Ashley H

Ashley Howard


A Pennsylvania native, Ashley's love for yoga began nearly a decade ago. She has always been passionate about health and fitness but as a college student Ashley quickly fell in love when discovering all the benefits of adding flexibility training to her fitness routine. She came for the workout + stayed for the yoga. Ashley completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training through Yax Yoga Concepts in Richmond, VA in 2016. Ashley teaches Vinyasa flow perfect for all levels of experience with a focus on upper body & core strength. She is a wife and mom and Fitness Coach. Ashley and her husband Brian love visiting local restaurants & breweries, being outdoors and traveling. She looks forward to meeting you on your mat!

Abundance Yoga Lindsay

Lindsay Giadrosich


Lindsay is a Birmingham native that began yoga for stretching and strength training while competing in marathons and triathlons. She soon recognized that yoga brought her a calmness and spiritual strength she hadn't expected. Lindsay completed her RYT-200 hour in Inner Strength Vinyasa with Sacred Glow Yoga in 2015.  Lindsay teaches this practice to empower students to find light and courage from within themselves. She advocates that yoga is for everyone and finds joy in sharing the knowledge that yoga will meet you where you are, whenever you're ready to begin.
Abundance_Yoga Kara

Kara Dye


Kara is a vagabond at heart, she loves journeys and the way one simple path can lead a person through so many experiences.  Each class is centered around the idea that the journey is the destination as Kara guides you on a path of self discovery.  She believes in the transformative power of yoga and its ability to lead us to peace and see the beauty within.  Kara provides a strong focus on breath with a slow but challenging flow designed to engage each person at their core.  She has been practicing for 8 years in everything from Bikram to Kundalini Yoga but Kara's foundational training is in Sacred Glow Yoga's Inner Strength Vinyasa because of its core message of the journey between each pose.
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