Emily McLeod


Emily is a Birmingham native who grew up with a book attached to her nose. The travel bug bit her in high school where she continues to be an aspiring world travel today. She is an avid coffee and tea drinker and a foodie.

Emily believes yoga is for everyone and there is a class out there for each person. She wants to help people realize they can do the physical practice (asana) and that there is more than the physical practice. Yoga is a life long journey of mental and physical well-being.

Emily started yoga eight years ago after months of a friend’s insistence. Skeptically, she went to her friend’s ashtanga class, woke up the next day sore everywhere, thought yogis were crazy, and ended up at the same class the next week. As her practice continued, she felt better both physically and mentally. After her grandmother fell and broke her hip, Emily realized how important yoga is for long term health and wellness. She graduated from Sacred Glow teacher training in 2018.