Ancient healing traditions all have one thing in common: they discuss a vital life force that flows throughout our bodies. According to wisdom from these traditions, dis-ease and emotional strain can occur when this life force is weakened or blocked. Reiki is a more modern healing practice from Japan that can help this life force flow more smoothly. Many people choose Reiki because it is a gentle healing energy that flows into the body to wherever it is needed.

Integrative clinics and hospitals are beginning to offer Reiki as a complementary therapy for patients. Research is being conducted for Reiki’s ability to help patients with cancer, chronic health issues, and for recovery after surgery. Some case studies even highlight its potential to support the nervous system and change how a person feels within a single session.

During a session, you remain fully clothed and can lay down or sit up to receive the energy. You may close your eyes or keep them open. Some practitioners work with children who bring their coloring books and color through their time together! You may feel warmth, tingling, or other sensations. Some people feel nothing during the session but report a shift that occurs over the next few days. Since Reiki is hands off, it is a fantastic alternative for those who may not be comfortable with manual therapies.