Chakra Balancing and Aura Cleansing

With Larabeth Guthrie

Ready to do some deeper work to balance your vital life force? Book an aura cleansing and chakra balancing session. Your aura is the area around your body in which your vital life force radiates. Cleansing your aura allows you to release unhealthy connections. Your chakras are energy centers in your body that correlate with certain aspects of your physical and emotional self. Balancing the chakras can bring emotional release and better support for the body.

When you arrive, we will talk about what you are dealing with and if you’ve been doing anything on your own to work toward rebalance. During the session, we may utilize crystals, singing bowls, or aromatherapy to help the process. At the end of the session, we will spend a couple of minutes discussing energy techniques you can do on your own to continue encouraging balance until your next appointment.