Bexx Kallies


Bexx Kallies, Yoga Teacher

Yoga is not what Rebecca expected for her journey. Growing up Southern Baptist, she never got to meet herself because she was trying to be someone she wasn’t; someone straight, conservative, corporate, shrinking or at least hiding the obese body she lived in. With health problems (sleep apnea, hypothyroidism, ADHD) shrinking didn’t happen and she struggled with the prejudice of sizeism.

After graduating from UAB with a Bachelor of Science in marketing and economics, she was in a dark place of a fruitless job hunt and chronic pain from a gym injury. She deeply craved movement that didn’t hurt and fulfilling, affirming work. Fat Girl Yoga was a light in this darkness on her Facebook news feed, and the first class with Nancy in 2015 was a major pivot point for her life and worldview.

Many years later, Rebecca, who now goes by Bexx, is out, loud, & proud in her 4X bikini and on her mat. Managing and diminishing her chronic fatigue and chronic pain while staying active. Much of her personal practice is in the pool, meditative, and exploratory. More than anything, she wishes someone had introduced her to movement that respects her size and day-to-day ability without shame or expectation. Inspiring confidence to ignore the haters. Finally finding herself in her thirties, Bexx strives to be the adult she needed to see, if not know, as a fat kid. Wearing the clothing style straight size women (and sometimes men) do, shamelessly eating often, and moving her body her way.

Bexx completed 200hr RYT training at Abundance Yoga in 2023 while recovering from a hysterectomy, and as a result, her personal practice and teaching style has a heavy focus on props and modifications and pulls from many yoga styles. Her greatest hope for her students is this approach will empower them to self-accommodate wherever they practice and never miss out on movement because their body is different or in a season of recovery. Come explore what you can do instead of what you can’t.