Tonya Moran


Tonya Moran, Yoga Teacher

Tonya Moran (RYT 200) has been teaching yoga since 2022. She discovered the transformative benefits of a consistent yoga practice after overcoming a severe lung infection in 2008. By emphasizing the mind-body-spirit connection and treating the whole body, Tonya regained her health and embarked on a journey to share these benefits with others. Her passion lies in inspiring people to think beyond conventional methods, empowering them to take an active role in their own health and healing.

When not teaching yoga, Tonya works as a medical marketing contractor. Her favorite client is a holistic physician with whom she collaborates closely to share information with patients on how to proactively manage their healthcare journey.

As a nature lover, she possesses a deep appreciation for plants, animals, landscapes, and ecosystems, dedicating a significant portion of her leisure time to backpacking and biking. Tonya feels that maintaining a harmonious life balance is simpler when disconnecting from the hectic daily routine and immersing in nature.